Casio Watches Have Stood the Taste of Time!

Casio Watches Have Stood the Taste of Time!

The Casio Company was established way back in 1948. Therefore they take pride in the experience they have acquired over the years. Casio watches belong to one of the many lines of products that the Casio Company produces. The brand has developed many electronic devices of world repute including a wide range of wristwatches.

Casio wristwatches have also become some of the most prestigious timepieces around the globe. They have a wide range of watch varieties. They spread across the social divide. Some notable models that have stood the taste of time include G-Shock, MR-G, Frogman, Master G, Riseman, Gulfman, Giez, Mudman, Oceanus, MT-G and Smart.

The EFM502

This is a beautiful watch from the lineup of Casio watches. It comes with a great stainless-steel case that is also water resistant. It comes with a screw lock case back crown and an anti-reverse bezel. The watch is renowned for its impressive and attractive looks. It has three sub dials showing the chronograph.

The 3-Hand Analog

It is basically a classic three-hand analogue watch. It is silver in color. It has the following features
White dial with blue highlights
Stainless-steel band
200-meter water resistant
30-minute chronograph
Analogue settings
Edifice Marine

The innovative Casio team never runs out of ideas. The lineup of dive Casio watches for water games is one that has seen evolution upon evolution in the recent time. In fact, Casio has been a close friend when it comes to aiding sports people. Swimmers have benefited from these products, especially when it came to waterproof and water-resistant models. The Edifice Marine line is yet another creative innovation of Casio. The watch is a 200-meter water resistant type.


Resin and steel bands
200-meter water resistant
Stainless-steel case
Screw lock back
Anti-reverse bezel
A screw lock crown
3-hand dial
Day and date window
Range of black, white and orange colors for the face.
Twin Sensor Red Bull Racing Chronograph
The range of Casio watches is a broad spectrum to choose from. This limited edition comes with a small direction sensor. It has a compass functionality which uses the second hand to point north. The bearing is then displayed in the digital window. It comes with a temperature sensor which measures and displays in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The ERA200RBP-1A

This is an analog/digital watch with a stainless-steel case and a black resin band.

Other features:

It comes with a digital compass with bearing memory, has a 100m water resistance capability, and includes a thermometer and an Auto LED Backlight.
More attributes include a resin band type, a nicely blending black color, analogue dial code and subtle sparkle when held against a light source. The watch can point to a direction in one of the 16 cardinal points. It stands out in the range of Casio watches because of the combination of features. The temperature gauge can measure up to 359 degrees. The measuring unit is in degrees Celsius. It also has a bidirectional calibration, a magnetic declination correction plus an auto LED backlight with an afterglow.

You can check out the latest Casio watch collection at the website of Uniwatches (also known by the Norwegians as Casio klokker fra Uniwatches).All you have to do is follow this link to their official website.

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