Casio Protrek Watches – Designed for Durability

Casio Protrek Watches – Designed for Durability

Forget technicalities for a while. Let’s eye some of the finest materials going into the Casio Pro-Trek. One is CORDURA nylon fabric. Quite a few Pro-Trek-s got this for the bands providing a superior fit and strength. This special fabric from INVISTA is frequently used in outdoor gear and luggage – practically anything that undergoes the most amount of abuse while outdoors.

So wear it safely while rock climbing; it’s built to take the pain. It’s not like that you climb 300 feet (or some more) and see helplessly your watch (with all the vital info functions) swimming its way down an ocean of air. If you reach the top, you’ll find your watch alongside. CORDURA ensures that.

Pro-Trek, to be more accurate, is more of an outdoor gear with an usual timekeeping function; its large buttons and one-press accesses say so. Be it the digital compass, barometric pressure gauge or the altimeter; the thermometer or the sunrise/sunset data, you don’t need to go down the labyrinth to trigger the info. All the important information are literally at your fingertips!

But why a Casio Protrek Atomic Radio Controlled Watch when all you need is keeping track of time? Because smartphones are not always the best option. Draw it out, unlock; tap for the apps, select and tap again….too many steps. Here, something like the compass takes a single button press; the temperature, atmospheric pressure and the likes can be programmed to be displayed on the screen all the time. Or, dedicate a button to the one you need most frequently. But the biggest pleasure is you don’t feel – neither care – while you carry it. Now, smartphones are not half as hardy and handy.

Then, the battery. Smartphones got less stamina and last out max for two days (depending on use); the Citizen aqualand relieves you from ritualistic charging ordeals. Even the battery-powered models can rest your worries for a full decade; if not, for 8 to 9 years – under heavy usage. You also don’t need to put it off in-between smartphones alike.

The whole thing lies in the rapidly diminishing sensor sizes and other internal electronics miniaturising. This brought an entire paradigm shift within the digital sports watch category. The Casio Protrek PRW-2500 was slimmed down to 3000, compared to its predecessor, it’s more elegant. In the sense, the new lot are not chunky like the PRW-2500.

The PRW 3000 incorporated the Triple Sensor V.3 technology due to the reduction in its sensor sizes – at 5% of their former size. Power consumption also came down to 10% of what it used to be formerly (large cars need more fuel, right?) and the first Impressions were too good to ignore.

It takes a lot to reach the top but you should watch it that it stays that way, be it the fashion streets or the rocky terrains. Make use of Protrek’s style and functionally to cling on to either.

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Stylish and Uniquely Designed Seiko 5 Automatic Watches

Stylish and Uniquely Designed Seiko 5 Automatic Watches

You could say the stylish and uniquely designed Seiko 5 Automatic watches are entry level timepieces for both, the manufacturer as well as the customer. Simple elegance is what comes to mind when you look at a Seiko 5 automatic. There’s nothing flashy about this watch – it is basic, simple and does the job it is meant to do. For those venturing into the watch world of automatics, the Seiko 5 automatic is the perfect choice.

While the Seiko 5 automatic watch range may not be top of the line in terms of accuracy, it has certainly set the standards for reliability, durability and performance. To some, it has an eye-catching flair when it comes to style and look while others might take it for a very mundane timepiece with its nylon strap. But the Seiko 5 Automatic is a significant watch not only because it is inexpensive for the solid performance it delivers, but also because millions of pieces have been sold over the years without cause for complaint.

The stylish Seiko 5 automatic like its name offers five features, namely, automatic winding, day and date display in a single window, water resistance, recessed crown and durable construction. The Seiko 5 automatic is built out of stainless steel making it extremely tough and durable. The black dial encased in the stainless steel case with markers and hands in white luminescent material make for a sharp contrast. The nylon strap looks a little cheap, but then you can always change it to a leather one or a metal bracelet.

Built to last, the stylish and uniquely designed Seiko alarm chronograph watch range uses the very reliable 7S26 automatic movement which came into the market in 1996. With 21 jewels and a 40-hour power reserve feature, this is a rugged timepiece. Perhaps the only drawback is that you may have to set the time every now and then. Remember, this is not electronic quartz but a self-winding mechanical automatic watch.

Uniquely designed Seiko alarm watch are perfect daily wear timepieces, but they fit equally well for all occasions, especially if you opt for a leather strap or metal bracelet. This is a smallish watch so if you have large wrists, it may look slightly out of place.

Finally, when it comes to comparing prices of similar watches, the stylish Seiko 5 Automatic watches come out way ahead of the competition. It comes packed with the essential features you would look for in a watch, add to that long years of durability and battery-free timekeeping, and you have a winner in terms of economy and pricing. It is also a safe, no frills design that works well for any occasion.

The Seiko 5 Sports Automatic watches are stylish and uniquely designed, but look classier than the rugged Seiko 5 Military series. They are also a bit pricier, but you can check them out at

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