Timex Altimeter WS4 Watch Review

Timex Altimeter WS4 Watch Review

Executive Summary: The Timex altimeter is a terrific outdoor watch for not a whole lot of money.

Features: altimeter, compass, thermometer, barometric pressure – plus, all of the common watch functions like time, calendar, and countdown timer

Price: approximately $ 140

More Detailed Discussion:

The Timex Company is a world leader in digital wristwatch technology. They’ve been around as Timex Corporation since 1960 and have truly dominated the market in the 1950s as well, especially in America. It used to be called US Time Corporation, so you’d expect them to have their act together making a digital product like this.

I have taken their watches down on scuba dives and never missed a beat. These are extremely durable watches and perform way better than the claims they make in their product literature.

Here are the features of the WS4: time, alarms, stopwatch, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, compass, and recording of the reading so that you have some weather predicting capability.

The Timex altimeter watch also has backlighting witches quite pleasant. They call there’s “Indiglo” and it works quite well. For night use it is extremely easy to see and differentiate the digital characters.

Even though the Timex watch with altimeter function is quite easy to get used to, I recommend that you take some time and read the owner’s manual. Simply because you want to fully understand how the watch works and how it gets data. This will be very helpful in the words and you’re encountering different climatic conditions. You don’t have to be an expert but it will be very helpful if your least familiar with how all these pieces operate.

A couple more interesting points for your consideration: the watch face is a mineral crystal, it is protective to a depth of 50 m, there is both metric and English readouts available, it has a very easily replaceable and easy to find CR 2430 battery.

Also, the size of the altimeter watch helps its readability – the case is quite large at 50 mm wide and 40 mm tall. It is a paltry 16 mm deep – quiet thin for a watch with this much data logging capability. The strap is a big old 30 mm thick though.

The watch comes in six different colors – black, white, orange, blue, silver, and yellow.

Personal note: I’ve used Timex products for the last 20 years and never had a problem. That’s NEVER had a problem. These are extremely reliable watches and you will not go wrong buying the Timex altimeter watch.

The only downside I know of is the battery. Even though it is an easy to replace battery, it doesn’t let you know when it’s about to fail and it fails very quickly. That means, you can be on the words and not realize that you’re about to lose power and your watch completely die on you. Therefore with something as critical it’s a good idea to carry a backup battery spare battery.

Being a pilot going back thirty five years, Roger Brown has considerable knowledge about altimeter devices and accurate wrist watches. Check out additional information regarding timepieces with altimeters at Roger\’s website Watches With Altimeters

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Watch Review: The Timex Ironman Solar Shock

Watch Review: The Timex Ironman Solar Shock

Timex is perhaps the largest selling watch maker of all time. As their famous ad campaign long ago boasted, they do indeed keep on ticking. The Timex Triathlon has established itself as one of the most popular timepiece models at Walmart; the ultimate retail proving ground. The Timex Triathlon, one of the original “sport watches”, has graced the wrists of millions of satisfied urban adventurers. Timex has gone ahead and spruced up this new generation, The Ironman Solar Shock, with a new case style, an easy to read screen, solar power, and a robust, tough shock resistant exterior. It also retains the classic orange trim color signature of its predecessors . The Timex Ironman debuted with generally glowing reviews, as it represents a rare combination of affordability with durability. The watch has been dubbed “the quintessential beginner’s watch.” I can’t help but think the beginners are doing their homework. Let’s review the features:

* Plastic case with a stainless steel bezel.
* 200m/660ft water resistance.
* Indiglo back lighting technology.
* Solar charging ability with on screen charge indicator.
* Shock resistant to ISO standards.
* 5 alarms.
* 100 hour chronograph.
* Digital Display
* Black Resin Strap
* Designed To Be Worn On Inside Curve of Wrist
* Chronograph Training Log
* 75-Lap Recall
* 3-Alarm Feature
* 2-Interval Timers
* Dual Time Zones

What’s amazing about this industrial strength timepiece is that it simply never looks obsolete. Casio was successful in playing the kitsch card with the retro appeal of their classic digital watches of the eighties. The Ironman doesn’t try to be hip. It’s combination of functionality and aesthetic makes it a classic watch design. In the early nineties, the “Indiglo” glow in the dark features captured the appeal of young purchasers. As these Triathlon owners have grown up, the appeal of the new Ironman will be equally strong, as the listed features ( far beyond Indiglo ) and brand reputation speak for themselves . A college buddy of mine had one, raved about it, and never took it off.

The watch also has a 30 lap Chrono, Timer, and an Alarm. You can set two different times. The instructions say that is for two time zones, but I just put military time on one of them. The alarm is easy to use, and it can be set for daily, weekends, or weekdays. That’s ideal for me because I usually only wake up on weekdays. My one complaint would be that I would like the option to set a second alarm time.

The Ironman embodies new refinements of the tried and true design of Timex’s flagship Triathlon. The Timex Ironman Solar Shock is a purebred sports watch that may not have quite the pedigree of some offerings from Casio or the prestige of an automatic, but where it counts, it delivers in spades. This Timex is a great step forward because of its inclusion of a solar powered movement. The charge symbol is a battery that is displayed in the center of the screen between the date and the time.

All and all, the watch is really well made. It has a lot of functionality that you will actually use but lacks some of the fancy bells and whistles of a more expensive watch. It’s innovative and the rubber wristband is very comfortable. For an inexpensive watch, I definitely recommend this one.

This article was written by Tom Michaud. Tom collects Designer Watches and searches out the best deals on Timex, Burberry, and Armani Watches as well as many other brands at the best web destination for watches: WatchesInTime.com.

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Altimeter Watch Suunto Vector Review

Altimeter Watch Suunto Vector Review

The Suunto Vector altimeter watch is quite possibly the best-in-class in this market. This manufacturer has spent considerable effort positioning itself as the high-end leader. Two other products which are done extremely well in the same market Suunto are their Core and T versions of the altimeter watch.

This company was begun about 85 years ago. In the process it got into altimeter watches and was the first at mass-producing compasses. Then about 70 years ago they began making scuba diving watches – that are frequently called dive computers. Only recently, with the last 25 years, thought, have they branched out into sports related watches with altimeter, barometer, compass functions.

Their market position is totally dominating the high end part of the altimeter watch market. Their products are by far the most expensive, but they are by far the best. I say there the best because they deliver these functions with impeccable accuracy and also deliver them in an extremely easy to read format.

The exciting thing about carrying an altimeter watch like this when you’re out in the woods is that it can be a real safety enhancer. The fact that you have got everything right there on your arm can give you a tremendous feeling of security. You can literally find Top of Form your way out the woods with this watch. All you need is a map in your ability to correlate latitude and longitude location with elevation and you have an exact idea where you are at all times.

Why do people buy Suunto Vector watches? Suunto Vectors cost less than their other products, like the Core. You can get a Vector for about $ 200. The reason they buy this watch is because it is very easy to interpret it is a bit of a status symbol in the outdoor world. People that lay out the money for this type of watch her serious outdoorsman.

The Vector doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (thermometer, depth gauge for diving, and logging capability), but it is a super-solid product from the altimeter watch leader.

I have tried the Suunto product alongside cheaper altimeter watches, such as the Casio in the Timex. The difference in what you get is pretty remarkable. While both the low-end and high-end of this watch spectrum provides excellent products, the difference is the higher-end products like the Suunto are much easier to interpret. You have got to work at it with the Casio in the Timex. Don’t get me wrong – the lower end products are just as accurate. They just aren’t as easy to interpret, nor do they have great features like the ability to predict the weather and a clear and understandable format.

Being a pilot the past thirty five years, Roger Brown has critical exposure to altimeter devices as well as accurate timepieces. Check out more details related to wrist watches with altimeters at Roger\’s web site Watches With Altimeters

Breitling Mens Wathces – Review

Breitling Mens Wathces – Review

Men do not have as many accessories to choose from as women. Men’s wrist watches is an all-time item. A good watch is the solution to your problem if you are worried about making a fashion statement at work or a party. You need to know what time it is, so why not do so with some style? These wrist watches make a powerful statement about your style at the office as well as keep track of the time.

Choosing the best watch to fit your lifestyle can be a difficult decision. For example there are trendy men’s sports watches which are meant to be worn whenever you are involved in an outdoor game. You would likely go for a sports watch if you are the type of individual who plays outside and enjoys a good workout.

If you are one who remains in office and keep attending meetings regularly, having a variety of wrist watches shall serve your needs and style better. You might opt for a very expensive watch for men that includes diamonds.

If you recognize the situations and also the demand of the situation as well, then you can easily choose the best watch which will help you make an impression in whichever look you are. Breitling men?s watches suit such occasions the best.

You can choose a metal bracelet or go for a more traditional leather strap. A diamond studded strap will give you a more rich style. These days, gold straps are also making great style statements. They indicate status and they also look rich. There have been many modifications made in the men’s watches and with such a wide range of watches available you surely can find one which will best suit your need. Adding even just a gold strap can cause a man’s watch to be deemed high end.

A man’s digital timepiece would best reflect your personality if you’re a guy who loves to own the very latest in technology.

Men’s leather watches are simple and stunning. Without a gleam of shine like men?s gold watches, the men?s leather watches are meant to convey the aristocracy of the owner.

However there have been some new trends in men’s watches upheld by some brands which have made a mark in the accessories related to time keeping like skagen men?s watches, timex men?s watches, Cartier men?s watches, and croton men?s watches etc.

For pure ease, an automatic watch, also known as a perpetual watch, allows one to do away with worrying about winding.

To Receive The Top Deals & digital watches Reviews, Go Here: MensWristWatchesReview.com.

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The Rolex Sea Dweller Watch: A Review

The Rolex Sea Dweller Watch: A Review

Forget about watches, “Rolex” is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. It has set the standard for beauty, simplicity and functionality in its design. As a testimony to its engineering, even those who balk at its price recognize that the value of a Rolex is certainly worth the price.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller watch is one of the more uncommon Rolex sport model watches. While the Submariner is produced in several combinations of materials and several combinations of colors, there is only one Sea-Dweller watch. It is only available in all stainless steel, and only with a black dial and black bezel. Keeping in mind its technical specs, it’s one of the toughest, most waterproof watches in the world and that is saying a lot.

Here are some quick notes about the Rolex Sea Dweller Watch:

* The Sea Dweller is guaranteed to be waterproof to twelve hundred (1,200) meters, or four thousand (4,000) feet.

* It has a forty millimeter (40mm) stainless steel case which sits fourteen and a half millimeters (14.5mm) high.

* It has an Ultra-thick synthetic sapphire crystal.

* It also features a unidirectional rotating bezel with a corrosion resistant anodized aluminum insert.

* Finally there is a Rolex without the date magnifier. While I do not mind the “view bubble” (AKA: the date magnifier) on my other Rolex watches, I dimply prefer the cleaner look of the Sea-Dweller without the “view bubble” (AKA: the date magnifier).

* If you like to dive you will LOVE the helium escape valve. This is to protect the watch during diver decompression.

* The Quick-change and quick-set date saves a lot of time.

* The Sea-Dweller watch is the only Rolex with a date, but without the date magnifier. This accounts for a lot of its popularity as many people love Rolex watches, but think the “bubble” is for old fogies.

* The Sea-Dweller is the only Rolex with writing on the case back. It says “ROLEX OYSTER” and “ORIGINAL ESCAPE VALVE”. The new Sea Dweller Deepsea watch seems to take all this writing, and put it on the front of the watch, creating a much busier face.

* This extraordinarily beautiful watch is being discontinued. It’s being replaced by the admittedly interesting, but very different Sea Dweller Deepsea watch.

* Most, if not all, modern Rolexes have the Rolex coronet etched on the inside of the crystal at the 6 o’clock position. When buying a true (real) Rolex watch you will always want to authenticate this before making a purchase.

* Rolex is one of the few remaining Swiss watch makers who still make their own movements. Most brands, these days, purchase either their movements, or their movement kits, from companies like ETA. Rolex, however, designs and builds everything but a few of the oils themselves.

It is worthwhile noting that Rolex is a privately held company which donates a great deal of its profits to charity. Rolex keeps their social conscience largely unpublicized, yet knowing this lends even more appeal to their excellent line of incredible watches.

Article written by Brandon York. Brandon is a timepiece enthusiast who collects affordable Replica Watches that are as close to the real thing as possible. Brandon’s go-to place for Replica Watches is Replicall.com. Their watches are the next best thing to the original.