The History of Rolex And Their Watches

The History of Rolex And Their Watches

When speaking about luxury watch brands, the name Rolex is always one of the first to be mentioned. However, what is really known about this watch aside from the mystique that surrounds it? In this guide I will go over a little of the history of the Rolex, the various types, prices and more.

The Rolex Company was started by the German born Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law in 1908. During this time, frame watches were not very reliable, accurate or compact in size. Rolex’s innovations have raised the bar as to how watches are to look and perform. Just a few years later Rolex got the presages Official Chronometer Certification in 1910. This is Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute that certifies the accuracy and precision of wristwatches.

Through the years Rolex has continued to contribute to the way we view time. In 1931 the Rolex Oyster Perpetual was developed which prevented water from leaking into the timepiece. We take that sort of thing for granted these days since most watches are made to be waterproof. However, back before Rolex came along, this was a common problem. Each Oyster produced today stays waterproof to at least 300 feet. Today, the price for a authentic Rolex Oyster Perpetual ranges from a few thousand dollars to over sixty thousand dollars each. One of the reasons the price is justified aside from the quality the Rolex brand offers is the limited availability. Rolex only produces a few hundred thousand watches a year. This has lead to a huge amount of replica and counterfeit Rolex watches being sold. For many, a second hand Rolex is the best option.

Types of Rolex Watches
Oyster Perpetual Submariner
This unique watch offers a rotatable bezel so divers’ can check to see how long they have been underwater. This feature works in addition to the standard time function.

Men’s Explorer II Rolex
Key benefits include; self-winding, stainless steel and sweep second hand.

Rolex Sea-Dweller
The Sea Dweller is a new watch for divers that stays waterproof up to a depth of 3,900m.

Ladies Datejust Rolex
This 18kt white gold bezel watch displays the date at the three o’clock position. It is water resistant up to thirty meters and features thirty one jewel chronometer automatic movement.

Rolex Models
Mens Datejust Rolex
Mens Presidential Rolex
Mens Submariner Rolex
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona
Mens Yacht-Master Rolex
Ladies Date/Datejust
Explorer II
Oyster Perpetual
Sea Dweller

Authorized Dealers
Since the price of Rolex watches are steep and fakes are common, it is best to find authorized dealers who order directly from Rolex if you plan on buying one. This is the safest way to ensure against fraud. Many people get drawn into buying fake Rolex watches each year thinking they are getting a deal. In reality they are being ripped off. Buying expensive watches online can be a very costly mistake. It’s easy to pass off replica Rolex’s to unsuspecting customers because they can’t actually see the watch for themselves.

Style, elegance, sophistication and even expensive could all be used to describe the many varieties of Rolex watches. One thing that can’t be said is that these watches are not unique, innovative or world renowned. Whether it be a watch for sports or fine dining, Rolex makes a watch for every occasion.

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Your Husband Most definitely will Love Their Pulsar Watch

Your Husband Most definitely will Love Their Pulsar Watch

If you’re in love there is no higher statement of your emotions than a high quality watch. Even amid the exceptional number of makes & designs available the pulsar range of watches stand out from the crowd.

Film fans should probably recall James Bond wearing a stainless steel Pulsar watch in Live & Let Die. It was a perfect example of notably successful product placement. Interestingly they were responsible for making and producing the very first LED wristwatch. You can see this part of history in the Smithsonian institute.

The large Japanese group Seiko owns the Pulsar Company, thus the style and beauty of Pulsar is backed up by the marketing strength of Seiko. Even though they created the first LED wristwatch, Pulsar now mainly make high class analogue watches.

You’ve a wide selection when investigating Pulsar watches. They make sports watches for men & costume watches for men and women. Regardless of which kind of watch you’re searching for you are assured of style, precision and pleasure every time you put it on.

Watches For Sport

You may well think sports watches are dark plastic thick watches whose functionality has triumphed over style. Clearly without doubt you are in for a notably agreeable revelation with Pulsar sports watches. They definitely hang on to all the stylish sophistication of costume watches whilst featuring all the features you need for sport.

As an example the sports model PF3919X1 is a stainless steel watch for sports which looks superb. It combines a black patterned face with naturally hour’s minutes and seconds. The face contains three small clock faces with secs and minutes consequently it’s easy to keep track of your splits. it is water resistant to a depth of 100m thus just right for watersports.

Mens Dress Watches

The choice of dress wrist watches could please you greatly. They are all stylish & sophisticated. You have a pick of leather strap or stainless steel wristlet binding consequently your precise preference can be definitely fulfilled. A large number of alternative dials guarantee you’ll locate the best wristwatch for you or your better half.

Womens dress watches

Regardless of how fussy a female is regarding her wrist watches she’ll find the best example from Pulsar. From elegant thin stainless steel bracelets to leather straps, basic dial to gemstone surrounded dial, slender elegance to thickset style the range is unbeatable.

Pulsar watches will not upset you or your other half so take the plunge & discover the stylishness & urbanity you have earned.

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