Top Tips for Choosing the Right Watch for Your Attire

casio watch photo
Photo by Luciano Belviso

So how many watches do you own? One? Two? If you take after most individuals, you have the tendency to use the exact same watch, day after day, with little thought of how it looks with your outfit or how well it operates with the activities you are participating in.

Yes, that’s right. Gone are the days when one watch could be used with everything. If you wish to keep a stylish look, you have to know exactly what watches work, and which do not. Fortunately for you, we are here to assist. Today we are going to go over how to identify when certain watches are appropriate and ways to match them to your attire.

The Everyday Watch

Every woman has their preferred pair of earrings, and every guy has clothing that makes him feel invincible. For everyday usage, men and women should likewise have a go-to watch. This watch must match your personality and your profession. If you work in an office, an easy, yet trendy Casio Edifice watch will make you the talk of the coffee room. Nevertheless, if you are a landscaper and invest the majority of your time outside in the dirt, a Casio G-shock will be a much better choice because it can stand up to any activity. When choosing your watch, nevertheless, no matter what your profession or design, there are always two things to bear in mind:

– Match metal with metal – While the idea may be easy, you ‘d marvel the number of guys try wearing gold watches with silver cufflinks or connect clips, or the number of females integrating gold earrings with silver faced watches. This just doesn’t work. It makes you look sloppy- or even worse, less than professional. Match the metal with your other pieces of jewellery to your watch so your clothing will look complete and trendy.

– Match colour with colour- A brilliant pink Baby G view from Casio may leave you smiling all day long, but wearing it while you are wearing clashing colours just won’t do. A great guideline for guys is to always match the band of your watch with your shoes and belt. Women can get away with being a little more adventurous, but keep in mind that your watch’s colour ought to always enhance your clothing, not draw attention away from it.

Outside Watches Should Only Be Worn Outdoors

There’s nothing worse than a guy in a great tailored fit and an outside watch. Your big business conference is not the time to sport your new Timex outdoor watch. These watches are designed for outdoor use; they are usually water resistant, able to endure the elements, and can take a beating. If you work in an office, outdoor watches can draw attention away from your clothing and really destroy your stylish look, so leave that watch in your home and go for a gown watch instead. Save your outdoor one for the weekend when you go kayaking or mountain cycling.