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While the company has yet to make a strap big enough to fit around a person’s chest, that hasn’t stopped Citizen watches from being “close to the hearts of individuals all over.”

For nearly 100 years, Citizen watches have produced timepieces that seemingly fit and support lifestyles led by people all over the world.

The original name, the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, was developed in 1918. Ever since the company has altered with the times, not only just producing fine males’s and girls’ watches, but also dive watches, Eco-Drive watches and atomic watches as well.

This watch development has actually established Citizen as the world’s biggest watchmaker, a title the company has held for the last 20+ years.

Yet Citizen watches are not just defined by the huge size of the worldwide timekeeping giant, but likewise by the maker’s creativity and innovation.

According to the company, Citizen watches was accountable for the world’s slimmest LCD view and the very first voice acknowledgment watch.

Resident watches also gave the world a look at the first expert dive watch with an electric sensor when the company introduced it.

Resident watches have also been on the cutting edge in the worldwide shift to alternative energy and “green” technology. The business is maybe best known for its Eco-Drive collection of Citizen men’s watches and Citizen ladies’ watches that never need a battery to power the motion inside the watch.

” Fueled by light,” as the style line’s motto states, creates less rubbish and more use out of the existing rechargeable power cell inside of the timepiece. A solar panel, which is nearly unnoticeable, that is set up inside the watch beneath the dial is where the watch catches the light is exposed to and in turn is powered by.

Citizen Eco-Drive enjoys can be charged by direct exposure to both natural sunlight and any kind of synthetic light. For their entire lifetimes, Citizen Eco-Drive watches will never require battery replacements.

Featuring crystals composed of scratch-resistant mineral glass or almost scratch-proof sapphire, bands and cases crafted from stainless steel, titanium or ceramics, the materials chosen by Citizen watches are just as important to the company as the precision of timekeeping, chronograph information and radio regulated accuracy as well.

The companies most current entry into the market is its Skyhawk A-T radio managed atomic-timekeeping flight chronograph. This model instantly integrates with atomic clocks all over the world, providing the wearer the time in not only his/her time zone, but the time in all world time zones.

Citizen dive watches also include the Eco-drive technology for those users who desire a wrist watch for aquatic use. Diving watches include 200-meter water resistance and thick, extra-long rubberized straps that are developed to fit over wetsuits. Some Citizen diving watches even consist of electrical sensing units, depth evaluates and dive computers for even the most demanding users as well.

G10 NATO ZULUDIVER® Blue Bond Watch Strap, Black & Blue, PVD IP Black 18mm

G10 NATO ZULUDIVER® Blue Bond Watch Strap, Black & Blue, PVD IP Black 18mm
  • Classic black & blue striped design G10 nylon UK MOD style replacement watch strap by ZULUDIVER®
  • SIZE (Watch End): 18mm | LENGTH: 300mm | THICKNESS: 1.1mm | Supplied with SPRING BARS for fitting
  • The style was originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) and named G10
  • Tough, woven nylon has been stitched together with care and attention to make a durable watch strap
  • Fitted with stainless steel buckles with a PVD IP Black finish, etched with ZULUDIVER® logo

A variation on the very popular “Classic Bond” NATO Watch Strap. Originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), the strap was actually named G10 because of the service personnel’s form they had to complete in order to receive one. Its popularity amongst other regiments led to other colours & patterns. Today, it’s the well known NATO style fashionable watch strap we all wear. NATOs are durable, changeable, strong and used in sporting activities. The design (interweaving, passing through lugs) means it’s secure. This is a classic NATO watch strap, the strap has satin stainless steel fittings and is very well made with sturdy stitched joints.

Watch Strap Specification

• Size (watch end): 18mm
• Size (clasp end): 18mm
• Length(s): 300mm
• Thickness: 1.1mm
• Material: Nylon
• Material Type: Woven
• Material Finish: Nylon Fabric
• Edge Finish: Cut edge
• Material Colour: Black / Blue Stripes
• Stitching Colour: Black

Clasp Specification

• Type: Buckle
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Finish: PVD IP Black
• Tongue Width: 2mm

Other Details

• Special Features: Quick Drying Nylon
• Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
• Condition: New
• Style: NATO

Lowest Price: £16.00
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iStrap 23mm Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap Band Deployment Clasp for Tission T035

iStrap 23mm Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap Band Deployment Clasp for Tission T035
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thickness 4.5mm
  • Band Width: 23mm
  • Length 190mm Adjustable Length(1 inch=2.54 cm)
  • Curved end, designed to fit Tissot T035

iStrap 23mm Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap Band Deployment Clasp for Tission T035

Lowest Price: £17.99
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