Men’s watch with a wooden bracelet, quartz men’s watch made of wood, clockwork with double swing for two time zones

Men's watch with a wooden bracelet, quartz men's watch made of wood, clockwork with double swing for two time zones
  • Very accurate and easy setup, quartz mechanism Miyota with double swing, with the possibility of simultaneous installation time for two time zones
  • Black sandalwood bracelet
  • Timekeeping to the nearest second, waterproof to a depth of up to 10 meters
  • Quartz watch with 3 pointers
  • Durable and elegant watch, only solid wood, mineral glass, scratch-resistant

This men’s watch has 47mm diameter dial, wooden wristlet and Japanese Miyota quartz mechanism known for its high quality. Thanks to the adjustable wristlet of 23cm long and 3.75cm wide with a clasp, this wonderful watch will fit any form of male wrist both thin and very beefy. Besides, a peculiar wristlet made of black sandal wood is a real zest adding a little elegance and sophistication to your clothes. Now, thanks to that clock-bracelet, you’ll always know the exact time and never arrive late anywhere! Double dial allows you to set the time in two different time zones! Three timekeeping pointers will help you to identify your achievements during sports activities within an accuracy of a second. But that is not all: this superb watch is suitable for all water sports, such as swimming, water polo and even rafting. In any situation, whether it is a business meeting, a jogging on Sunday or a swimming session, you will always know what time it is now! By the way, this wrist watch will be a valuable gift for special occasions such as a birthday, or a perfect excuse to simply please your friends, relatives or loved ones.

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