Timex Weekender Nato Watch Strap Eyelets Strap with Metal Loops 20 mm TW7 °C0 7100

Timex Weekender Nato Watch Strap Eyelets Strap with Metal Loops 20 mm TW7 °C0 7100
  • Nato tape 20 mm Timex Weekender Fairfield TW7 °C0 7100
  • This NATO band, 20 mm width is made of nylon weave. Nylon is a robust, water and Zugfestes material and is therefore good for all watches. The hole and the ends of the strip is carefully sealed. Clasp and loops are made of stainless steel, shiny.
  • The NATO band is suitable at Timex Weekender Fairfield TW7 °C0 7100. It can fit but is also recommended to any other watch with a straight 20 mm in the morning.
  • To Yourself and Your Watch a new look. Nato bands are also for high-quality clocks-New in Fashion.

Timex Weekender Fairfield TW7 °C0 7100 NATO band made of textile fabric, Multi-Colour with a 20 mm in the morning
The striped NATO band Fabric will help keep your Timex clock from the Weekender Fairfield Collection safely and comfortably around your wrist.
Bracelet to match Timex TW7 °C0 7100 and lots of watches with a straight of 20 in the morning.
Item ID: 28912
Material: Textile Fabric with metal loops
Colour: Black/White/Red
Fastening: Single Pin buckle and metal loops silver
Bracelet thickness: approx. 1.5 mm
Bridge Width/Lug Width: Approx. 20 mm
Close in the morning: approx. 20 mm
Length (open, flat measured, without clasp): approx. 255 mm
Max. Inner circumference (closed on the last hole): approx. 210 mm
Min) and A4-80 Stainless Steel Screw Material. Inner circumference (closed on the first hole): approx. 140 mm
Box Contents: A NATO band without a watch watch strap spring bars is not part of delivery.
Note: Colours may appear, due to the difference between different monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc are possible. The clasp can vary slightly from the photo depending on your monitor settings.

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